Chickasha Wings, Inc.
Ever dreamed about flying through the beautiful skies of Oklahoma?  We can make that dream a reality.  We offer all
levels of flight instruction at an affordable rate.  So, whether you are looking forward to a career as a pilot or just
looking to be able to get away for the weekend, we are the school for you.
We also offer refresher instruction to include Biennial Flight Reviews for pilots already certified but want to brush up with an
instructor's help.  In addition we have several aircraft for rent.  For more information, please see the above links.  If you can't find
what you are looking for, please contact us.
Discovery Flights - $109
9/17/2014: Ehssan Alsuhibani complete the
Instrument Rating. Ehssan in an Instructor Pilot
for the Saudi Airforce and is getting his FAA
ratings with us. FAA ratings may ease the
transition to airlines following air force
retirement. Way to go EHssan. Shown is Mitch,
Ehssan and examiner Janus Abczynsji
9/23/2014 New Private Pilot Harold Leatherman.
Harold completed his private pilot today with
checkride examiner Janus Abczynski. Harold
stated flying our Cherokee and then found his
on Barnstormers. N9849W was the EAA
sweepstakes airplane in the year 2000.
9/28 Second First Solo for Chris Barber. Chris
works at Ft Sill and soloed in 2007 in Alabama,
and is continuing his training with us.
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