Chickasha Wings, Inc.
Ever dreamed about flying through the beautiful skies of
Oklahoma?  We can make that dream a reality.  We offer all
levels of flight instruction at an affordable rate.  So, whether
you are looking forward to a career as a pilot or just looking
to be able to get away for the weekend, we are the school
for you.
We also offer refresher instruction to include Biennial Flight Reviews
for pilots already certified but want to brush up with an instructor's
help.  In addition we have several aircraft for rent.  For more
information, please see the above links.  If you can't find what you
are looking for, please contact us.
Discovery Flights - $109
2/8/2016 Sara Sampson passed her Private
Pilot check ride! Sara works here in the office at
Chickasha Wings. Congratulations!
2/6/2016 New Private Pilot Jesse Hudelson.
Jesse is an OU Student that transferred here
from Missouri. Way to go Jesse!
2/6/2016 First Solo for Tony McGrew. Tony live
in south Oklahoma City and is flying with CFI
Brad Richert
Learn to Fly
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Current Events:

  • New Private Pilot Ground! We are
    starting a new private Pilot Ground
    school on Tuesday Jan 12 at 6:30
    PM. We will meet each Tuesday
    evening for about 13 week and
    complete in early May. We charge
    $225 to take our ground class plus
    $200 for a Jeppesen pilot kit (if you
    do not already have one). We have
    Jeppesen texts for anyone with an
    ASA kit or not wanting to buy a pilot
    kit. Call, text or message if you plan
    to attend.

  • We are excited to announce we will
    be hosting a Rusty Pilot Program
    presented by the AOPA on
    February 20th at 9am here at
    Chickasha wings! Rusty Pilots is
    designed to re-introduce pilots to
    the changing flight environment.
    Discussion includes use of newer
    technology, changes in the airspace
    system, new resources available to
    pilots, and much more. Most
    importantly, the Rusty Pilots
    program fulfills the ground
    instruction requirement of your
    Flight Review. This is a free event, if
    you are interested in registering
    please do so here. For additional
    info on AOPA's Rusty Pilot program
    and what to expect please visit here.